Takedown Tool-E


Traditional hair extension methods are time-consuming and cause damage to the wearer's hair.


The Takedown Tool-E!

The patented innovation of the Takedown Tool-E saves time and money. This unique one-of-a-kind tool replaces traditional methods to provide a more efficient and cost effective hair extension removal process.  We guarantee our product or we'll replace it for free!

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Hair Extension & The Tool-E



Extensions can be costly and wearer's want a more cost-effective path to their hairstyle regimen.



Consumers can cause significant damage to their own hair during extension removal. 

The Razor


The razor can cause hair damage and harm to skin and hands during extension removal.

The Scissors


The frustration and damage caused by scissors can affect self-esteem, comfort, and cause natural hair loss. 

The Takedown Tool-E


The Takedown Tool-E's patented design is built for comfort and efficiency. Imagine saving money while changing your hairstyle as often as you'd like!

Most Popular FAQ


The most popular question about the Tool-E is what traditional tools does it combine to assist in extension removal? 

The Tool-E combines a comb, scissors, and razor to create a smoother and more efficient extension takedown.